👋🏻 Hi, my name's Roman Rusinov. At the moment I run my own design studio collaborating with companies big and small doing branding/identity, digital and web design. I also have my own self-initiated projects from time to time. Some of the brands you might know I've worked with in the past:
Away from the desk I'm an avid mountain biker, traveller and great outdoors advocate. I like to get my hands dirty when it comes to repairs, maintenance and building of things that I use on daily basis, skills that tend to disappear in the service oriented world nowadays. Occasionally I write about some of that in my journal

Recent Projects.

Sap & Bark, online pop-up shop for some of my artwork.Website design for SPG Weekends, 3rd version of Starwood's marketing campaign.Branding, website and experience design for My University Advisor, an online match making for international students and universities.Website design for 23andme for educators, genetics education in classrooms around the world.

Work Availability

Open for new projects and hire beginning November 2017.